Thursday, 1 July 2010

The LOOK of Love

News reaches me (via cycling pal Pinny, AKA @Veloiste, he of Les Veloistes Gentils fame) that iconic French brand Look has just unleashed its latest dream machine, the 695.

Pinny's original post can be viewed here, on his excellent Veloiste blog. There's also a nice little teaser video on the Look homepage, featuring Tour legend Laurent Jalabert and filmed at the bike's official launch in Corsica.

Look is a cycle manufacturer that needs little introduction. Its brand and iconic, Mondrian-inspired logo is part of the mythology of the sport, helped by an indelible association with the iconic, clean-living La Vie Claire squad that bestrode Le Tour in the '80s with legendary riders like Andy Hampsten, Greg LeMond and Le Blaireau himself, the formidable Bernard Hinault.

The new steed will be given its debut on this year's Tour by the Cofidis team. In a nod to the golden age of La Vie Claire, apparently they'll be riding these beautiful, Mondrian-esque frames to celebrate Bastille Day on 14 July. Brilliant touch for what is sure to be a brilliant bike. Vive la difference!

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